Thursday, May 31, 2007

Push On, Push Off....

Guess who is now the proud owner of 51 assorted push-button switches, matching switchplates, and outlet covers? I really feel proud of my latest Ebay foray, this seems like quite a find after researching the cost of reproduction switches. Total with shipping came to just over $125, or about $2.50 per component. Lucky me, I have the in-house electrician to dissect and repair any worn parts. Hopefully this purchase will help with whichever house we end up with! And any that don't end up being used on our house can go right back on Ebay for another old-house addict to snap up. Many of the switches have MOP or bakelite button faces, and the brass plates should look spiffy once cleaned up. I think there's even some sort of dimmer switch in the lot, should be interesting to sort through. Supposedly these were all salvaged from an early 1900's house. Poor house, but all the better for me! And now some pics of my new treasures.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interior Palette

I know I promised to post these much earlier, but things have been up in the air a lot lately. At least I finally got around to showing everyone my plans for the colors in our new house! Here they are:

"Sweet Spiceberry" (Olympic). This is for the walls in the dining room, which also happens to be the first room upon entering the house.

"Magnolia Spray" (Olympic). I'll be using this for the ceilings and above chair rails in all but the bathroom. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the color is a lovely sort of heavy, peachy cream

"Applesauce Cake" (Olympic). This is the main color for the interior. It's going on walls in the living room, kitchen, hallway, closets, pretty much anywhere that other colors aren't specified.

"Vineyard Green" (Olympic). This is for the walls of that adorable sunroom just off the living room. I'm still not sure if it's too dark, but only a test patch on the actual wall will show for sure.

"Sweet Annie" (Olympic). Yes, this is the same olive-y green that I want to use for exterior trim. It's also going to be on the current bathroom walls. Really, it looks much less like pea soup in person!

"Cinnamon Diamonds" (Olympic). This is the color I originally planned for the walls of our guest room. As our guest room will be our master bedroom until the attic is finished off, I suppose we'll be living with this color for a while.

"Grape Leaves" (Behr). Has the same name as one of the exterior colors we picked. This will be on the walls of our older son's room.

"Blue Agave" (Behr). This is for the walls in the baby's room. Sorry about the size, this is the only sample I could get of this color.
"Ocean Kiss" (Behr). When we add a second, master bath, this will be on the walls.

"Juniper Berry" (Olympic). And last of all, this color will be on the walls in our attic master bedroom. Just as soon as we get it built, that is!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photo Flux, Part 2

Here are the photos from Orchard, for your perusal.

Just an aside, that funny looking building in the last shot is apparently a spa and tea room. Talk about upscale!

Photo Flux, Part 1

I feel I must apoligize for the barrage of photos you are about to experience, it's just the best way I can give to see these two homes for what they're worth. Have fun!

And these were just from Adams! Next stop, Orchard Ave.