Monday, July 16, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Message.....

With closing day fast approaching (yay!!) and our household being packed up for the big move, it is time for me to announce a short break from our houseblog until we can get the 'net set up in our new house. Hopefully we should be back to blogging about our new digs as early as next weekend. Much thanks to all those who have offered their support, advice, and encouragement during our purchasing endeavors. When next you hear from us Nuclear Bungalonians, we'll be in lovely Ogden, Utah!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Post-Inspection Checklist

Well, our inspection that was originally supposed to be several weeks ago finally took place. I have to say, even though some problems turned up, it's a relief that most of them are small in nature. Nothing like the last inspection, thank GOD! So here are the things our inspector recommended be taken care of:
-loose, uncovered electrical wires/splices need to be properly concealed in conduit/junction boxes
-natural gas supply needs help as currently the gas is on but not reaching appliances (this may just be due to the contractor working on the house, I'll have to check)
-small leaks in the basement need repair at main water shut-off, bathroom supply, kitchen supply
-chimney needs repointing at top and cap needs to be secured
-main electrical service running overhead needs to be raised for safety (probably need to contact the utility company about that one)
-basement shower surround is pretty dead (not to worry, we would have demo'd it anyway!)
-loose light fixtures in bedrooms need to be properly installed
-furnace needs a flex line, also discharge pipe is threaded and needs to be replaced.

Monday, July 2, 2007

DIY Interior Storms

Here's a nifty link I just had to publish. Especially since people I deal with in the homebuying process tend to go on and on about how I need to install storm windows, what with a drafty, OLDER house and all. I really loathe the things, and so the idea of light interior versions that I could stain to match and build inexpensively/quickly appeals greatly to me. After all, what's the point of having a gorgeous historic home if you have to hide it behind ugly aluminum one-third of the year?