Monday, March 31, 2008


Sprouting Update

We just started our third set of seeds this morning, despite the fact that Utah is having some unspring-like weather. So far we have six greenhouse trays going, with various stages of sprouting throughout. Here's a breakdown of what's germinatin' at the Nuclear Bungalow:

Tray 1 (mar. 10)-"Celestial Mix" morning glory, "Envy" zinnia, "Red Pomponette" & "Double Mix" english daisy, giant painted daisy, "Excelsior Mix" foxglove, bells of ireland, "Victoriana" dahlia, "Limelight" four o'clocks, "Catskill" brussels sprouts

Tray 2 (mar. 10)-"Golden Jubilee" anise hyssop, german chamomile, blue catmint, true lavender, spanish lavender, sweet marjoram, stevia, fernleaf dill, soapwort, spearmint, feverfew, rosemary

Tray 3 (mar. 17)-"Snowball" marigold, "Mr. Majestic" marigold, "Jaguar" marigold, "Cottage Red" marigold

Tray 4 (mar. 17)-"Amish Paste" tomato, "Yellow Pear" tomato, "SunSugar" tomato, "Cherokee Purple" tomato, "Brandywine" tomato, jalapeno, "Thai mix" hot peppers, "Southwest mix" hot peppers, "Chocolate Belle" sweet pepper, "California Wonder" sweet pepper, "Genovese" basil, cilantro

Tray 5 (mar. 31)-"Siam Queen" basil, "Lime" basil, chives, oregano, "Mojave" sage, valerian, joe pye weed, sweet annie, queen anne's lace

Tray 6 (mar. 31)-"Chianti" sunflower, "Big Blush" sunflower, spaghetti squash, "Grafitti" cauliflower, "Green Goddess" eggplant, "Yellow Doll" watermelon, "Orange " watermelon, "Moon & Stars" watermelon, "Charleston Gray" watermelon, "Cactus Flowered mix" zinnia, "Psychedelic Spring" viola, "Queen mix" cleome